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Monthly Archives: September 2019

    Why Overpricing A Home Creates Damaging Effects

    By Doug Yopp | September 3, 2019

    The Dangers of Overpricing a Home  The reason why you should not overprice a home is simple. It won’t sell! In addition to not selling when you overprice your property the odds are stacked against you that it will sell for what it should if priced properly from day one! The process of selling a... Read More

    How Long Do Things Last?

    By Doug Yopp | September 2, 2019

    Home ownership carries with it many benefits.  One of the “joys” of owning a home, however, is dealing with the replacement of items in the home.  Here is a list of major items, expected life, and the estimated cost of replacement.  This is helpful not only for current owners planning maintenance, but also for buyers... Read More

    Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

    By Doug Yopp | September 2, 2019

    The most important thing you can do as hurricane season approaches is to get yourself, your family and your home prepared. By starting early, you’ll avoid the rush at home supply stores, grocery stores and other venues typically crowded and often chaotic when hurricane watches and warnings are issued. You should stock six basics for your... Read More