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    “House” the Weather?

    With every change of season comes a change a list of “honey-dos”. Here are some of our top picks to tackle.

    • Check windows and seals for leaks.
    • Shut off all hose bibs.
    • Inspect your fireplace.
    • Check the soffit for stains, which can be a sign of a leak.
    • Time for aeration and overseeing of your lawn so it will be healthy and vibrant next year.


    • Have your chimney inspected and serviced as needed.
    • Review location of water shut off and pipes to prevent water damage should they freeze.
    • Add weather stripping around doors and caulk windows to guard against draft and heat loss.
    • Vacuum the lint from the hose of your clothes dryer.
    • Check gutters for clogs and clean as needed.
    • Check the ground around the foundation of your house and regrade as needed.
    • Trim tree limbs that are too close to the house.
    • Have your HVAC inspected and serviced.
    • Clean or power-wash your home’s siding.
    • Check your crawlspace for water damage, critters, or other foreign matter.
    • Remove shower heads and clean to remove sediment build up.

    Staying aware of and on top of these items will prepare you and your home for a potential move, or just help avoid future issues from deferred maintenance.  Keep this list handy!

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