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Full Time Broker Opportunity with The Oceanaire Realty

At The Oceanaire Realty we have the experience you need to make your best move – not only for our clients, but for our career oriented agents as well.  

We are seeking dedicated, dynamic, fun, professional individuals to join our successful team.  We have built a culture as a destination for those who want a long, meaningful and successful career in real estate.  We aren’t set out to build the biggest team, but rather a team agents can’t picture themselves not being a part of.  We want you to develop relationships with your coworkers to grow and evolve in the business we love.  We don’t want to be a revolving door agency that turns over most of the office every year, or so large that you never get to know your colleagues.  

As such we’ve developed a unique blend of higher than average commissions in our markets relative to the incredible and unmatched amount of resources and support we provide, with no fees.  Our team helped 375+ families achieve their real estate goals in 2021 and our agents’ production are among the best nationally and in North Carolina!  We have positions available in the Triangle area in our Raleigh office, and based out of our Coastal office in Holly Ridge.  

Are you ready to make your best move?

Great news, we’re…….



Before Continuing, Consider These Questions

  1.  Why are you reading this?  What brought you here?  What are you missing?  What are you looking for?
  2. If you’re currently an agent, what has your production rate been?  Is it where you want it to be?  Has it grown?  If you’re just starting in the industry, how much do you want or need to produce to consider yourself successful?
  3. How will you ramp your business up?  Just getting started or starting again – how will you get from A to B?
  4. Are you tracking your effort to measure your outcomes?  Do you know how much work you have to put in to get what you want out of it?  If not, how do you know how much work to put in to achieve your goals?
  5. Where will your next lead come from?  Where will your next transaction come from?  Are you sure?
  6. Are you ready to make your best move?


The Oceanaire Realty Offers

•Transactions in your name.  Get credit and recognition for your work!
•Work with Buyers and Sellers from Day 1 – no “Specialists”
•Accountability and activity tracking to help set realistic and achievable goals with a sound work plan to make sure you achieve them.
•A scaled commission system based on production which carries over year to year (no starting over) and increases with longevity.
•Higher splits for agent generated leads.
•Company generated leads from multiple sources, 50 per month average
•Comprehensive Agent Training Program with online, on-demand resources.
•One-on-One and Team training, mentoring, and coaching.
•A dedicated Closing Manager and workspace with NO TEAM FEES EVER!
•Professional office space.
•Business cards and closing gift for your clients.
•Your personal IDX website, with a ‘best in the business’ CRM.
•Free Branded Mobile App.
•Tools and a proven process to give you the best opportunity to be successful.
•State of the art technology.
•Excellent and well respected partners and providers.
•Best in the business team swag to celebrate benchmark achievements
•Annual International Trip for team baseline performers!
•The opportunity to make your best move.

Commission Scale Options and Specifics


Did You Answer Yes To These?  We Should Talk!

•You see yourself being part of a high performing, collaborative team of like-minded professionals.

•You see yourself being at the top of your field.

•You see yourself as a full-time, career oriented professional.

•You see yourself consistently earning high five to six figures.

•You see yourself as being a goal oriented and directed achiever.

•You see yourself focused on helping others achieve their real estate goals.

•You are, or will soon be, a licensed broker in North Carolina.

•You are ready to make your best move.

The Oceanaire Realty is the place where individuals with this mindset will find a home to build a life changing career.

Complete the form on the right side of this page or email and let’s have a confidential conversation about this opportunity for your success.


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