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The Oceanaire Realty is a team of individuals that work, grow, and learn together to help people with one of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make – and change our own lives dramatically for the better. We believe success brings freedom, so we provide the tools to help you be more successful and free than you’ve ever been. We also believe Accountability is Love and it is the biggest value we provide our team members. Our Formal Onboarding and Training, Mentor Program, One-on-One Accountability meetings, WhatsApp team chat, Weekly Goal Setting and Prospecting meetings help you set and stay on track to reach and exceed your goals.

We provide Consistency, Security, Protection against the ups and downs this business brings to help you build, grow and excel in your real estate business. This is an opportunity for a Life & Career Changing Transformation, stories our agents can share with you of their own experience. We want to change your life – WE ARE GREATNESS EXTRACTORS!

At The Oceanaire Realty we have the experience you need to make your best move – not only for our clients, but for our career-oriented agents as well.

We are seeking dedicated, dynamic, fun, professional individuals to join our successful team. We have built a culture as a destination for those who want a long, meaningful and successful career in real estate. We aren’t set out to build the biggest team, but rather a team agents can’t picture themselves not being a part of. We want you to develop relationships with your coworkers to grow and evolve in the business we love. We don’t want to be a revolving door agency that turns over most of the office every year, or so large that you never get to know your colleagues.

As such we’ve developed a unique blend of higher than average commissions in our markets relative to the incredible and unmatched amount of resources and support we provide, with no fees. Our team helped 375+ families achieve their real estate goals in 2021 and our agents’ production are among the best nationally and in North Carolina! We have positions available in the Triangle area in our Raleigh office, and based out of our Coastal office in Holly Ridge.

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