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A One-of-a-Kind and Best Of Both Worlds Commission Structure

There are thousands of real estate offices and hundreds of ways agents are compensated. Which will work best for you? Some firms offer more resources and the split is 50/50. Some firms charge you (for business cards, printer fees, affiliation fees, etc) but offer no leads or even permanent workspace, but their split is 80%, 90%, even “100%”. Here’s another question to ask yourself – would you rather have 80% of 8 deals or 50% or 20 – without having to source or pay for your own leads?

At The Oceanaire Realty we believe we have cracked the code that gives you the best of both worlds – the opportunity to keep more of the commission you earn, with the tools, resources and leads to work and convert to grow your business! All with no fees – EVER! See below for our commission scale breakdowns.

*Personal transactions do not count for incentives/splits
**Annual team trip based on minimum production guidelines
***Past clients paid as SOI
+Commission split carries over year-to-year if level of production is maintained

Commission free personal transaction(s) will not count towards incentives/splits.
All past clients are treated as SOI (Sphere of Influence) after the initial transaction.
Outbound referrals that are SOI will be paid 100% to agent. Outbound referrals that are team leads will be paid at the current agent split
Inbound referrals will be considered referral only and cannot be considered SOI if a referral is paid to a referring agent. Inbound referrals will be paid at the current agent split.
All builder and/or seller offered bonuses above and beyond offered or listed commission will be paid fully to the agent.
Any commission earned for representing a renter will be paid fully to the agent. (Working with renters is discouraged unless the plan is for the client to ultimately buy).
All buyer and seller transactions are paid at the same rate based on tier and # closed. There are no separate commission scales for buyer and seller representation.
Qualification for the annual team trip will be based on minimum production guidelines. Team members must have been on the team full time for a minimum of one year before the trip to qualify, or met first year production minimum.