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The Tools And Resources You Need To Unleash Your Greatness

So many agents fail in our business because they don’t have the access to the tools, resources and support they need to build a successful and sustainable career. At The Oceanaire Realty all of this is available to you from the beginning and without paying for it. We are successful when you are successful, and we do everything we can to put you on the path to overwhelming success!

Real estate involves a lot of moving parts. Numerous resources are necessary to help our agents stay focused on the singularly most important thing – forming relationships with and providing outstanding service to their clients. Here’s a look at the Value Proposition provided to our team members at The Oceanaire Realty and the yearly cost to the company – not to you.

On average, an agent at The Oceanaire Realty closes 27 homes a year and averages $116,000 in commission.

Imagine doing all that on your own, and then having to pay for the resources to make it possible out of your pocket. How much do you have left?

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The Oceanaire Realty has partnered with Superior School of Real Estate, the leaders in real estate pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses to give our agents easy access to quality education! We are confident their real estate education solutions will help real estate professionals stay up-to-date on their requirements, improve real-world skills, and boost productivity and income! Plus, you’ll receive the support you need to excel in your career.

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Transactions in your name. Get credit and recognition for your work!
Work with Buyers and Sellers from Day 1 – no “Specialists”
Accountability and activity tracking to help set realistic and achievable goals with a sound work plan to make sure you achieve them
A scaled commission system based on production which carries over year to year (no starting over) and increases with longevity
Higher splits for agent generated leads
A Zillow Premier Agent firm
Company generated leads from multiple sources, 50 per month average
Comprehensive Agent Training Program with online, on-demand resources
One-on-One and Team training, mentoring, and coaching
A dedicated Closing Manager and workspace with NO TEAM FEES EVER!
Professional office space
Business cards and closing gifts for your clients
Your personal IDX website, with a ‘best in the business’ CRM
Tools and a proven process to give you the best opportunity to be successful
State of the art technology
Free Branded Mobile App
Excellent and well-respected partners and providers
Best in the business team swag to celebrate benchmark achievements
Annual International Trip for team baseline performers