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Where Do You Want To Be?

Who you choose to work with is a big decision. We spend half of our lives away from our family and friends focused on our work. Life is too short to work with a company that doesn’t put your success first! Since you’re here, take a moment first to think about why you’ve made it this far and where you want to be. We’ll discuss this more in depth when we meet.

Future life goals – what are your dreams?
What does your career look like in 1 year? 5? 10?
Do you have a goal to be a leader and Knowledge Broker, a Mentor?
What value do you bring? What makes you a good teammate?
Do you want to be Accountable? Do you believe that Accountability = Love?
We work in the office and have team and one-on-one meetings. Do you want to work at home or with a team?
Are you intimidated by technology?
Do you want to be good or great?